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Santa Pod Raceway in Northamptonshire offers the cheapest and most accessible public track time in the UK.

From just £35 admission and "sign on" (booking fees apply), you can take your car or motorcycle out on the famous quarter-mile dragstrip and test it's performance limits in a safe and legal environment.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

At Santa Pod Raceway the safety and welfare of racegoers and participants is paramount. Please view the latest information regarding how the situation is affecting events at Santa Pod Raceway on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) page.

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About Run What Ya Brung

You don't have to apply for a race licence or own a supercar, most drivers who come along will be racing in normal road cars and bikes. Some participants may have modified cars or even be professional racers in their drag cars but don't worry, you won't be pitched against a 300mph Top Fuel Dragster!

All you need is a valid driving licence (UK, European or International). You'll be entitled to unlimited runs and you'll receive a personal performance print-out showing your reaction times to the start lights, 60ft, 1/4 mile, 1/8 mile times and terminal speed.

Throughout the year there are also specialist events and festivals which incorporate Run What Ya Brung, including car only, bike only and manufacturer-specific events. Prices and number of runs vary for these events, please see the Dates page for more info.

The venue normally opens at 8.00am with track runs starting at 9:30am - 5pm, weather and track conditions dependant. Opening times vary for specialist events.

Some RWYB meetings are busier than others, longer waiting times can be expected at a RWYB before a big Drag Race meeting as drag cars testing take longer to stage. On the plus side you sometimes get to see Europe's fastest cars running on the same strip as you.

Please note that RWYB spaces are sold on a first come first served basis as we can only service a certain amount of customers on each day.

Don't forget your driving licence! Helmets are required for all bikes and open top cars, and any vehicles doing 110 mph or more at the finish line. Arm straps required in open top cars. Full Rules & Regulations here.

The RWYB Challenge

The RWYB Challenge is a competition where you will be awarded points based on your performance at each event you come to. Points will be accumulated and added to the season table to determine a winner at the end of the year. The Challenge will be split into two classes, Cars and Bikes and is open to road legal and non-road legal cars and bikes but NO Dragsters, Altereds or Go-karts.

How To Enter

To enter the challenge, you must pre-register your vehicle and obtain your personal race number.

View full details on the The RWYB Challenge along with a list of eligible dates and how to enter on the RWYB Challenge Introduction page.

2020 Tables

View the full RWYB Challenge 2020 meeting and season tables on the 2020 Tables page.


1st (28 points) - Jordan Kinghorn
CC1057 - S10
ET: 9.8304 sec, TS: 133.37mph
Jordan Kinghorn
2nd (14 points) - Richard Bream
CC720 - Chimaera
ET: 13.4988 sec, TS: 111.44mph
Richard Bream
3rd (13 points) - Carl Magedera
CC1030 - S
ET: 12.2632 sec, TS: 109.51mph
Carl Magedera
4th (10 points) - Gary Pemble
CC68 - Impreza Wagon
ET: 11.603 sec, TS: 122.08mph
Gary Pemble
5th (8 points) - Simon Paul
CC510 - GT-R
ET: 10.7953 sec, TS: 136.13mph
Simon Paul


1st (21 points) - kevin wright
CB726 - gsxr
ET: 9.492 sec, TS: 150.56mph
kevin wright
2nd (19 points) - Tim Park
CB216 - GSXR 1000
ET: 9.9165 sec, TS: 143.51mph
Tim Park
3rd (17 points) - David Mackintosh
CB564 - GSX600F
ET: 14.899 sec, TS: 86.03mph
David Mackintosh
4th (13 points) - Anna Sasiak
CB198 - Turbo Busa
ET: 10.575 sec, TS: 151.11mph
Anna Sasiak
5th (10 points) - Patrick Rawnsley
CB866 - ZX12R
ET: 9.6383 sec, TS: 144.83mph
Patrick Rawnsley

Adverse Weather Ticket Policy

If a meeting is severely affected by adverse weather a value will be assigned, so please hold onto your tickets as you can use them to get money off a future Santa Pod event up to and including the same event next year. Full details on the Adverse Weather Ticket Policy page at

Sign On Form

To save time when you get to Santa Pod Raceway you can print off and complete your Sign On Form before hand by clicking here.

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Run What Ya Brung allows you to hit the famous Santa Pod Raceway 1/4 mile and really put your motor and driving skills...

Posted by Santa Pod Raceway on Monday, 12 February 2018

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