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RWYB Challenge

RWYB Challenge 2020 – CANCELLED

Following recent announcements and our forthcoming amended calendar, we are having to cancel this year’s RWYB Challenge due to a limited workforce and future event dates. We apologise for this but hope to see the RWYB Challenge return for 2021. Thank you for your understanding.

About the RWYB Challenge

The RWYB Challenge is the ultimate way to add that competitive edge to your RWYB days. You will be awarded points based on your performance at each event based on your quickest ET of the day and your quickest reaction time. Points will be accumulated and added to the season table where a winner will be determined at the end of the year. The classes are:

Cars – All cars, both road legal and non road legal. NO Dragsters, Altereds or Go-karts

Bikes - Anything on two wheels

Points will be awarded as follows:
1 point is awarded for every vehicle you are faster than
3 points for taking part (completing at least 1 run)
5 points for fastest reaction time of the day

The winner of each class will receive £500 and a trophy which will be presented at Santa Pod Raceway's end of season Flame & Thunder Show where they will also be invited to run their vehicles.

How To Enter The RWYB Challenge

If you registered since 2017 you can use the same number – if you have an old number from before 2017 you will need to re-register and a new number will be issued.

Enter for the RWYB Challenge on the Registration page.

Register at any time before or during the RWYB season in order to to be entered in the RWYB Challenge.

It is completely free to join, all you need to do is pre-register your vehicle online and obtain your personal race number. At the track this race number should be displayed on the rear of the vehicle clearly visible to staff in the race control tower (shoe whitener is recommended for cars and some will be available from the signing on office). If the staff in the control tower do not see a CC number then your time will not be valid.

You can collect your timing slip as normal from the signing-on office. After each meeting we will post the Quickest times and points for the meeting together with updated season tables here on the website.

2020 RWYB Challenge Tables

View the RWYB Challenge meeting and season tables on the 2020 Tables page.

2020 RWYB Challenge Eligible Meetings

All further 2020 RWYB Challenge dates have been cancelled. The RWYB Challenge will return in 2021.

RWYB Facebook Group

There is a RWYB Facebook Group giving you a great place to talk about car set-up, personal bests, meet-ups and the RWYB Challenge competition. Head on over to the Facebook Group and say hello.